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Taipei County Government, Danshui Township launch “Let Danshui Fly – Culture Festival”

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Taipei County Government and Danshui Township are launching “Let Danshui Fly – Culture Festival” in a joint effort to promote tourism in Danshui by combining arts exhibitions and live music performances. The event will officially start on August 16. The event organizers held a press conference on the 14th to make an announcement in advance to the public and introduced the activities involved in the event.

“There are exclusive, distinctive historical sites in Danshui, such as the Old Street, Fishermen’s Wharf, Fort San Domingo, and the Little White House. These sites demonstrate the uniqueness of local culture and have attracted enough visitors that Danshui is ranked among the top ten tourist spots in Taiwan. To further promote Danshui, the county government works with the local township to create art exhibition spaces such as the 360-degree, 3D art display board. Art streets also invite artists to show their talents. Visitors can also watch scheduled live music performances every weekend from August 16 to 30 (August 16, 17, 23, 24, 29, and 30). Featuring arts and culture, Danshui “will definitely fly”, said Chou Hsi-wei, Magistrate of Taipei County, at the conference.

“Danshui has a beautiful coast that acts as a perfect background for art displays. Sixteen locally known artists will be invited to hold an art fair, sharing their creativity and works. It is expected that the event will offer visitors not only a sightseeing tour, but also a trip full of art and culture. A large, 360-degree, 3D display board will welcome visitors to have a look of creative arts. There will also be literature, culture and live music activities such as “My Town, My Song”, “My Story-Telling of Danshui”, and “the 360-degree Arts Festival” from August 16 to 30. Please come and check it out,” said Tsai Yeh-wei, Mayor of Danshui Township.

The event organizers have prepared a large number of handbooks for visitors offering information about the schedule of this festival as well as some coupons. The handbooks are available in Danshui. For more information, please visit the website

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The E-government Entry Point of TAIWAN