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Hsinchu Tea District

Hsinchu Tea District

Photo:Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (TAIWAN). Photography by Ko-li Lin(林格立).

Main variety:

Baihao Oolong tea


The production and sales of Penghong tea (“bragger’s tea”) has become an important cultural industry export of Beipu Township in recent years, as well as a vital source of income. The Beipu Penghong Tea Museum has been built to develop this local specialty and integrate the surrounding leisure tea farms, fruit farms, historical sites and waterside recreational facilities. The aim of the museum is not only to become a recreational focus in Beipu, but also  to attract domestic and international tourists.

Accordingly to a senior Beipu tea master, Penghong tea is produced yearly around the Dragon Boat Festival, falling on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month). “One bud two leaves” are exclusively hand picked, and the thicker the tiny white hair covering the leaves, the better price they will fetch. Since the unique feature of this variety is that the buds must be fed on by tiny leafhoppers, one can be assured that no pesticide has been used in its cultivation. In mid-July of every year, the Beipu town office holds the “Penghong Tea Industry and Culture Festival”, drawing masses of Oriental Beauty tea fans to purchase this select variety.
The Beipu Tourism Association and Hakka Cultural Publishing have co-organized a day-trip itinerary in Beipu. A professional guide will take you on an in-depth interpretive tour, suitable for young and old, of the town’s Hakka culture and cuisine.


Beipu Penghong Tea Museum


Highway No.1→Hsinchu Exit→E-W Expressway towards Zhudong→change onto Provincial Highway No. 3 Road → Beipu Penghong Tea Museum

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