Northern Taiwan

Linjiang Night Market(Tonghua Street)

Reference:Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan). Photo by Guan-qun Studio(冠群攝影)

The name Linjiang Night Market might be unfamiliar to many Taipei residents, who are more likely to refer this popular night market to it by its more common name, the Tonghua Street Night Market, which was a popular shopping area long before the market was given its official name by the city government in 2000.

The area around the Linjiang Street Night Market was traditionally known as “Muddy Bottom” because of its soft soil and low-lying topography. It was already inhabited during the Qing Dynasty, but as recently as 1912 was still considered off the beaten track. In 1954 the city government built Tonghua Street, which quickly attracted merchants as well as an influx of Hakka families, and the area rapidly developed into an important commercial center.

During the 1970’s the city government put an end to the floods that plagued the area, and businesses began to concentrate along the stretch of road from Linjiang Street to Tonghua Street, where the night market currently operates. This night market is famous for its food, particularly barbecued sausage. Other highlights include the Taiwanese and Japanese restaurants along Tonghua Street, as well as eel noodles, fried rice noodles, and other made-to-order dishes. Linjiang is one of the few official night markets operating in a residential area, and stays open later than any other night market in Taipei, not closing until 2 or 3 AM.

★Getting there

By car: Take National Highway No. 1 and exit at the Songjiang Interchange, then take Xinyi Road under the Jianguo Expressway to Keelung Road and turn right.

By bus: Take bus 36, 22, 226, 274, 254, 70, or 20.

Parking: On-street car and motorcycle parking is available adjacent to the night market.

Restrooms: Restaurants along Keelung Road.

Hours: 17:00 to 01:00 year-round.

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