Taiwanese fruits

Photo:Government Information Office, Republic of China (Taiwan).Photography by Yu-shia Kao(高玉霞).

Taiwan is located in a subtropical zone and is well suited for the cultivation of many tropical fruits. In addition, Taiwan has mountains rising almost 4,000 meters above sea level, and the cool climate of these mountains allows Taiwan to also produce temperate-zone fruits. These unique natural geographical attributes not only give Taiwan's fruits a distinctive flavor, but also enable northern fruits such as persimmons, apples, Asian pears, and nectarines to coexist with such tropical fruits as bananas, lychees, mangoes, and pineapples on an island only 400 kilometers long. Almost all of the fruits cultivated on the island of Taiwan today originally came from somewhere else. These fruits originated in different parts of the world and arrived on the island at different times. Taiwan's location along important travel routes has given it a complex history and has also provided opportunities for exotic fruits to take root in its soil, sometimes even outshining native varieties.