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Water and Fire Cave in Tainan County

Reference:Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan) Photo by Li-Tsung, Chang (張利聰).

Also known as "Water and Fire from the Same Source," the Water and Fire Cave is one of Taiwan's most extraordinary sights, and also one of the Eight Sights of Tainan County. It is one of Taiwan's tourist showcases, and has earned international fame. Water and Fire Cave is located about a kilometer to the southeast of Biyun Temple. According to the laws of nature, water and fire should be incompatible. Nevertheless, due to the unique geology of this spot, natural gas escapes from the cliff face, and ignites to form an eternal flame. Spring water also gushes from fissures in the cliff, creating the paradoxical phenomenon of "fire in water and water in fire."

Water and Fire Cave is a kind of mud volcano emitting both gas and water. Most of the mud volcanoes distributed throughout southwestern Taiwan release mud, water, and gas. From the angle of geology, the existence of these mud volcanoes signifies that there are strata containing water and gas beneath this region. When water and gas simultaneously escape to the surface through fault lines in the rock, sights such as Water and Fire Cave at Guanziling can exist.