Forms of Marriage in Taiwan

Forms of Marriage in Taiwan

Photo by Tung-Ho Wu(吳童和).

Starting from May of 2008, significant amendments have been made to the Civil Code. One of the changes regards a law concerning marriage validity. Originally, the requirement was to have an open ceremony with at least two witnesses. This has been changed to a registration system, where the couple must register for marriage at the registration office, regardless of whether they have had an open ceremony or not. Only then will the marriage recognized as valid.

Although a legal marriage merely requires registration, many Taiwanese couples still hold an open wedding ceremony and banquet to share their joy with their family and friends before they register to marry.

  Typical Weddings Group Weddings Buddhist Weddings Church Weddings
Ceremonial Structure The bride is welcomed into the home of the groom and worships the ancestors. Organized by the local government or designated corporation. Weddings witnessed by a local official or celebrity.

Witnessed by the Buddhist Master. The wedding ceremony is conducted following Buddhist religious rituals and customs. The banquet is served as either full or half vegetarian.

Meat and wine are prohibited.

Witnessed by a priest or pastor. At least one person in the couple has to be a Christian. 
Ceremony Location At home or at a hotel. Sports stadium or public arena. Buddhist Temple. Church.
Requirements   Lively and upbeat. Conservative and not extravagant, solemn atmosphere. Romantic and heart-warming.