Gongliao Fulong Hohaiyan Rock Festival

Photo: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan). Photography by De-fan, Wang(汪德範).


The term “Hohaiyan” originates from the language of the Taiwan indigenous Amis tribe; a tonal word related to sea waves. An Amis folk song was also chosen as the music festival’s main theme song by the organizers.

The Gongliao Fulong Hohaiyan Rock Festival is known as one of the three major music festivals in Taiwan. The festival requires no fancy clothing, nor is it embellished with luxurious decorations, which may be the reason it appeals to so many teenagers. Under the blazing sun, youths crowd the beach and enjoy their time playing in the waters.

The event is held at the Fulong Bathing Beach in Gongliao district of New Taipei City. The performing stage is built on the internal and external bathing beaches. Fulong Bathing Beach is famous for its tropical golden sandy beach, clear water and blue sky. The public enjoys free admission to the Hohaiyan Rock Festival every year. The primary aim of this large-scale music festival is to create a major music event belonging to the Asian community. Participants of the Hohaiyan Rock Festival include famous music bands and singers, as well as many underground music bands. The event is conducted in a relay format where bands and singers perform on stage in alternating successions.

As the festival is held on a beach, local and oversea music enthusiasts can freely embrace the natural environment which distinguishes the festival from other common indoor music performances. Visitors can liberate their souls by being immersed in a natural environment overflowing with music and art. The broad river at the Fulong bathing beach has a smooth flow of water currents. The bathing beach is approximately 60 meters wide and 3,000 meters long, making it suitable for water sports such as sailing, swimming, surfing and water skiing. The area also offers rentals for various water sports equipment, such as kickboards, swim rings, and four person inflatable rafts. It is the main venue of the festival and is generally an excellent place for water activities during the summer.

How to get there

The festival is held at the Fulong Bathing Beach in the Gongliao District of New Taipei City. Visitors may take a train on the eastern railway line to Fulong station or, alternatively, travel by bus or car.