Shazhu Bay

Photo: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan). Photography by Shi-jie,Lian(連士傑).


Located in New Taipei City, the sandy and rocky coast of the north coast’s Shazhu Bay hosts both majestic and broad scenery. The bay and golden sand beaches are naturally formed by the impact of waves. Many tourists visit during the summer, when it is the most beautiful. The best time to surf at Shazhu Bay is during high tide, which is greatly influenced by the winds. Visitors are able to enjoy the fun of surfing by chasing and riding the waves one after another. Many surfing enthusiasts gather at the bay, which is also a popular location for canoeing. The golden sand beach and crystal-clear water naturally inspire a sense of refreshment in the scorching summer heat. Vast changes exist in the short distance between the breaking waves and the shore, making it difficult not to be mesmerized by the mystery and unpredictable power of nature. Visitors can re-energize themselves by relaxing on the beach while admiring the panoramic views.

Many businesses at Shazhu Bay provide surfing lessons and surfboard rentals. To sit on the surfboard or to paddle out to the surf is extremely difficult for beginner surfers. It is practically impossible to learn how to surf without the guidance of a teacher. Beginners who are unfamiliar with the sea should be accompanied by an experienced surfer to prevent accidents, and they are also less likely to give up on the sport before truly experiencing surfing. The golden rule to surfing is to not struggle or fight against the wave, but to ride with the waves and go with the flow. The sense of excitement and the adrenaline rush from floating up over the waves at high speed, as well as successfully seizing the opportunity to catch the wave and sharing the great experience with your companions are all what makes surfing fascinating.

How to get there

By car via Provincial Highway No. 2, or ride the Jinshan route on the Danshui Bus or Keelung Bus and alight at Jhonjiao station.