Historical Background and Travel Information


Photo: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan). Photography by XU,WEN-YU(許文愈)、WU,ZHI-XUE(吳志學).

Historical Background

The Jiji Line, beginning at Ershui Station on the Western Line in Changhua County and stretching 29.7 kilometers eastward to Checheng in Nantou County, is the longest of Taiwan’s three scenic railways. It is also the only railway within the boundaries of Nantou County.

First opened to transport construction materials to Sun Moon Lake for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant, the Jiji Line also once carried passengers, crops, and timber, making it essential to the area. In 1960, it even became the main road into the Danda Logging Area in Nantou County. Sadly, following the decline of agriculture and the logging industry, the Jiji Line lost its luster, and the construction of highways further sank it into obscurity. The railway was brought back to life in the late 20th century after a commercial filmed on the line became very popular. The commercial started a craze for nostalgic train tourism, and the Jiji Line was transformed into a scenic railway for travelers. On weekends, droves of visitors pour into the area to relax in the countryside. Although the 9/21 earthquake (a magnitude 7.3 earthquake) that devastated Taiwan also disrupted train operations on the Jiji Line, the railway has reached a new peak after a long period of restoration work.

Travel Information

  • By Rail (TRA):

  • Take a train bound for Kaohsiung on the Western Line from Taipei Main Station and get off at Ershui Station → Transfer to the Jiji Line

  • By High Speed Rail (THSR):

    Take a THSR train bound for Zuoying, Kaohsiung, and get off at Taichung Station (Wuri) → Take a TRA train bound for Ershui at the TRA Wuri Station → Transfer to the Jiji Line