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  • Who is eligible to apply for temporary port passes? What are the procedures and what should we pay attention to?
  • When a foreign seaman is deported, who can apply to stay on for medical reasons? How does the application process go? What should applicants attention to?
  • What are the fees involved in applying for a certificate of written police record?
  • Can other people apply a certificate of written police record for me? May I ask somebody else to apply for me online?
  • .Are there any penalties for a person who applies for the certificate of written police record and does not pay or come to get it?
  • Who is considered “of conscription age?” How do you calculate the conscription age of 19? How is conscription age calculated?
  • Should male individuals with dual citizenship render military service? How does one acquire overseas Chinese status?
  • What are the regulations governing overseas Chinese draftees?
  • How should a male Taiwanese national be in order to be eligible for overseas Chinese passport Status Visa? How does one obtain such a document? What government agency is responsible for answering questions regarding this issue?
  • Can naturalized individuals with foreign passports be restricted by the Conscription Law of the ROC?
  • How is the military service issue for naturalized males who have come back to the country to study be handled?
  • Are foreign religious and legal persons allowed to own land in Taiwan?
  • What are the laws governing the sale and purchase of real estate by foreign nationals in Taiwan? What documents do they have to prepare?
  • Can nationals from countries which are not included in the equal reciprocal countries purchase real estate in Taiwan?
  • What are the objectives of the architecture and building research?
  • How is the performance of the Architecture and Building Research Institute(ABRI)?
  • What is the uision of building envivonment for Taiwan?
  • Procedures for handling carbon monoxide poisoning?
  • How electric appliances are used to avoid disastrous events?
  • What attention should be paid in order to protect ordinary houses from fire?
  • Prevention of Electric Fire – Incandescent Lamp
  • In case of a fire, what are the rules that must be noted for fleeing?
  • What precautions should be taken when using a gas heater?
  • Items Should Be Noted When Enter and Exit from Public Places
  • Which department should one report to, if any relative or friend fall over the embankment while life or death is an unknown situation?
  • Can I rent the land which managed by Land Reclamation Office , Construction & Planning Agency, Ministry of Interior ?
  • What type of charges will be applied to entering port without permit or doing business without application?
  • Which department is in charge of lost of goods within the port area?
  • How to apply for a port entering permit?
  • Which division of Yushan National Park Headquarters is responsible for website maintenance?
  • When will ecotour guides be required to lead groups into ecologically protected areas?
  • When did Yushan National Park’s website begin development? When was this website completed? What was the cost of developing this website?
  • .How can I get a job at Yushan National Park Headquarters? (Personnel Office)
  • How can I apply for a Yushan climbing certificate? (Division of Park Recreation and Tourism)
  • How can I apply for a bravery (Yung Shih) certificate?(Division of Park Recreation and Tourism)
  • When is the recruitment period for docents? (Division of Interpretation)
  • What are Sewers?
  • How can I obtain a Yushan National Park travel guide?
  • What kinds of aid can after-care associations provide for ex-cons and how to contact these associations?
  • How does the private sector participate in monitoring and preventing delinquencies?
  • How can the private sector participate in crime-preventing activities?
  • How should the people read the asset declaration made by a public servant?
  • Why the information on administrative rules cannot be found in the Law and Regulation Index in the National Legal Databank?
  • Which government agency has sorted the legal interpretations made by various ministries and commissions?
  • What are the definition and legal guidelines of Farmland Readjustment Act?
  • What are the costs of farm landowners while executing rural community land readjustment works.
  • How do if landowners want to execute rural community land readjustment themselves?
  • What is urban planning monument means?
  • What’s the procedure of pleading on urban planning monument doubts?
  • What is the difference between the new statutory system of separate property for spouse (the new system) and the old system of joint property (old system)?

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The E-government Entry Point of TAIWAN