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What business scope is prohibited from Foreign Investment?

According to the “Statue for Investment by Foreign Nationals” and “Statue for Investment by Overseas Chinese” the followings are prohibited from investing by Foreign and Overseas Chinese 1. Those which may negatively affect national security, public... More Detail

When duty-paid imports are found to have been damaged or not conforming to the specifications and quality as stated in the original contract,what can we do?

1.When duty-paid imports are found to have been damaged or not conforming to the specifications and quality as stated in the original contract, thereby necessitating compensation or replacement by the exporter, the compensation or replacement shall b... More Detail

How can I know my payment history concerning the trade promotion service fee? How can I know whether I have any fees payable?

The trade promotion service fee is collected on a seasonal basis. To check your payment history, please contact us, or visit the website at (sea cargo) 02-2420-2951 ext. 3526 More Detail

What are the relevant regulations for carrying tobacco or liquor into Taiwan?

1.Inbound passengers aged 20 or over are allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages (1,000 cc regardless of the quantity of bottles), plus 200 cigarettes, or 25 cigars or 1 pound of tobacco duty-free. 2.If inbound passengers carry more than 5L of alcoh... More Detail

Shall I need to declare to the Customs if I want to deliver a product to foreign clients by post parcels?

1. If the product belongs to each of following conditions, exporters need to file the export declarations to the Customs officers inside the Post Office. Otherwise, the exporters can directly send their product without declaration. (1) FOB of produc... More Detail

What can I do if I want to carry goods out of Taiwan?

1. Each outbound passenger or transit passenger can carry goods, which are valued at no more than USD 20,000 and excluded from the List of Commodities Subject to Export Restriction published by the Bureau of Foreign Trade. 2. If passengers carry gol... More Detail

Why were our cargoes examined and why did we have to pay for the expense of cargo examination?

According to Article 23, Paragraph 1 and 3, of the Customs Act, Customs has a right to examine any shipment imported. 1. With imported, exported or transited goods, Customs may examine or waive examination either by authorization or by application. ... More Detail

How long does it take to issue an import certificate?

1. If application is submitted before the goods are released – within four working days after the goods are released. 2. If application is submitted after the goods are released - within five working days after the application is filed. More Detail

How do I get the trade statistics information (import/ export) on a specific product?

Please link to the website, click on “Trade Statistics Search “ and ” Commodity, Quantity/Weight, Value, Country/Area”. Upon choosing all the appropriate options for your query, you’ll get the trade statistics information o... More Detail

What is the time of trade statistics (imports/ exports) recording and statistical value of goods?

1. Trade statistics recording date:Completion of scrutiny of import/export declarations by Customs. 2. Value of goods:Imported goods on the basis of CIF-type value; exported goods on the basis of FOB-type value. More Detail

The E-government Entry Point of TAIWAN